Hillcountry Labradoodles 

 Miniature  Labradoodles : Next Litter Fall 2020


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SOLD:  Beau:  Male

11 weeks old. Black & white with lots of gorgeous parti markings & a nice, fluffy coat that will get more curls as he ages. He is the smallest male of the litter & will be a rare, small mini or toy, Est 12-15lbs.  Beau is very loving & gentle.  He loves toys & to be held like a baby & have his belly rubbed. $1,900

SOLD:  Gus:  Male:  

 11 weeks old.  He's black with Parti markings. He has a white nose & small strip, 4 white feet, white on his chest & tip of tail.  He's very fluffy with a HUGE coat, & is a happy, sweet,  lil guy who looks like he's always smiling. He is  a rare, small mini, Est 15-20lbs.   $2,000

SOLD:  Raven: Female:

 12 weeks old. She has white socks, white chin & chest with more of a Lab-look, but without the shedding & an easy to maintain coat.  She LOVES to run & play as she's extremely athletic & she loves toys.  Est 14-20lbs.