Hillcountry Labradoodles

N ext Year's Litter Due Winter 2019


       2019 Litter Expected Feb or Early March!  Please email to be place on the waiting list!  

 SOLD:  Male: Checkers   8 Weeks old Tuesday, 9/25.  He is a playful, happy, always smiling lil baby!  Checkers already loves his toys & water just like his Daddy.  He has lots of super cute white-parti markings & spots w/ a very thick, fluffy, silky soft coat. $1,600.

   SOLD:Male :Socks   8 Weeks old Tuesday.  He is a lil softy, very gentle, laid back personality.  He is Black with a big, white spot on his chest,4 white feet, white chin, white tip on tail.  His coat is super soft & silky. $1,600

SOLD : Female :Lacey: 8 Weeks old Tuesday.  This black, little girl has beautiful white parti markings on her nose, 4 white feet, white on her chest, & tip of tail as well as rare brown phantom markings on her face on legs like her Grandpa.  She's going to be gorgeous with her Lab-like looks & lower maintenance coat. She LOVES her toys & playing.  $2,000