Hillcountry Labradoodles

Puppies Available & Ready Soon!  5/4/19


        $1,800-$2,200 : Puppy Visits welcome!  Call or email for puppy appointments:  chaseh1998@gmail.com: 210-387-5434 

Gorgeous thick coat & wonderful, sweet personality!

Asher :  Male:  Black Miniature Labradoodle with a white chin & small white star on chest.  Ash is a luvbug, he goes limp when we hold him on his back like a baby & rub his belly.  He looks identical to his gorgeous Daddy.  Will be approx. 35-40lbs, not the normal 60+labradoodles.  $1,800

Beautiful coats & loving, sweet, dear personality like Dad.
Beautiful coat with lots of gorgeous Parti markings.

Jasper:  Male:  

Black & White with lots of Parti markings with a white nose & star on his forehead with half a white & black tail.  Jas is a playful lil guy who loved his first playday outside! Will be 35-40lbs, not the normal 60+labradoodles.       $2,000

Gorgeous thick coat with lots of white parti markings.  No Parti is like any other parti!
Another gorgeous parti with beautiful markings.  All partis are different, no two are the same!  Makes them unique!
Emmett:  Male:
Black & White with lots of parti markings, he has a white chin, one half black white leg, 1/2 white & black tail.  He's the biggest lap puppy, just like his daddy. Will be 35-40lbs, not the normal 60+labradoodles.    
Beautiful boy with thick coat w lots of waves which should curl as adult.