Meet the Parents: Harper & Rio Meet the Parents: Harper & Rio Harper Harper is our 22lb female F1B Labradoodle. This is her with a longer coat. We keep them trimmed shorter in the summer due to the heat. Harper is our fastest dog! She loves to chase her brother Oakley or Rio on their games of tag. Yes, they really do play tag. Oakley is usually it. 205263079 Rio Rio is 12lbs. He is from an Australian Labradoodle breeder in Kentucky. He has nice curls, but after grooming they look straighter due to the brush & dog dryer. His coat is very easy to maintain, which is what Australian Labradoodles are bred to have. He has a nice lab-looking head. He LOVES water, plays in it daily when I water the horses. He's super smart, fast, loves to fetch & play with balls. He makes sure he has his spot on our bed every night. 205263074 Rio 205263075 Rio 205263073 Harper with Conor Harper with her favorite boy! She is Conor's "Pupcake". When he or his brother howl, she sings with him. She thinks she is very special & would love to be carried everywhere and sit in your lap & by you at night everyday. She's very spoiled! 205263080 Harper Harper with a shorter coat. 205263077 Harper 205263078 TAG! Harper, Rio, with our other dog Liberty & our old collie Cowboy. 205263076