Hillcountry Labradoodles

N ext Year's Litter Due Winter 2019


       2019 Litter Expected Feb or Early March!  Please email to be place on the waiting list!  

Multi-Generation Miniature Labradoodles! 

We are located in the wonderful city of New Braunfels, TX  on 5.5 acres.  It  was a dream  to have land for our  3 boys, horses, & dogs.  Since then we have added a rescued filly, rescued mini donkey & several cats in need of homes.  Our family loves animals and they get treated like family, not just pets.   We are not big breeders  & don't sell our cherished pets after breeding.  We  only breed one litter per year.  Our breeding began 5 years ago with a litter of F1B Labradoodles out of our Precious Polo, a 12" tall miniature, 16lb phantom  poodle & our 50lb F1 Labradoodle Dollie.   Their puppies are 3/4 poodle, the most non-shedding type of Labradoodle, & hypoallergenic.  Since then, Dollie & Polo have been retired & are enjoying their pampered life sleeping on the couches & often in our bed.  Their daughter, Harper, our 22lb, F1B labradoodle & our Multi Generation labradoodle, Rio,  12lbs,  have produced a new generation of miniature, multi-gen, hypoallergenic, labradoodles. All of our puppies are raised in our home, and are well socialized  with  our kids, their friends, our cats, and other dogs.  They also receive lots of outside playtime when weather permits  & they go to their forever home pre-spoiled!   (More information on the INFORMATION Tab)

Our previous litters were a huge success!  Their forever families LOVE them like children as they are all wonderful, sweet, loving, smart, perfect family dogs.  They were fun to watch grow and a  joy to have in our home  for the 8 weeks we get to enjoy them.  We kept , Oakley, and we can not even begin to describe how much he means to our family, he is just so good!   Through the years we have received messages about his sibling's from their families and all from that litter have the same GREAT personality!  It is wonderful to have received many of their pictures though the last few years and on their birthdays from their  wonderful  families.    It means we made their families happy with their decision in picking a puppy from us.